17 Tips To Hit Your Sales Targets

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1 – Work Harder – No one wants to hear it but if you want to hit your target then, quite simply, you have to work harder. Make more calls, send more emails, turn up early, leave late. The harder you work the more success you will have.

2 – Do Not Give Up – Sales is the only profession where you need to keep positive and can’t give up to get the job done. Don’t give up, make a plan, stick to it and don’t let the last rejection affect the next call.

3 – Stop The Negativity – Attitude has momentum, if you are negative, moaning and complaining then that negativity will gain momentum. There is a reason that the stereotypical salesperson is overtly positive and that is because negative people don’t open new relationships and they certainly don’t hit targets.

4 – Follow up – Too many sales professionals are willing to hit the phones hard and send out the first email, but for some reason they don’t bother following up on this first email or call. Assuming that you can close a sale with one call or email is simply delusional. There are many studies that show you need to 7-13+ points of contact with a client to make a sale. So follow up, follow up, follow up.

5 – Try Different Times – “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” – Albert Einstein. Don’t limit yourself to only calling between 9 and 5. If you aren’t getting through to your prospects then try calling at 7am or 7pm. Just don’t call over and over again at the same time and expect a different result… that’s crazy!

6 – Utilise Social Media – Not using social media as a tool to help make sales is just silly. I’m a huge believer in picking up the phone but using social media to find the right contact or know a little more about a company before you call can hugely impact the success of each call. Social media is an amazing tool – use it.

7 – Think Outside The Box – There doesn’t seem to be any good reason for it but periodically your pitch will just go stale. Keep things interesting by thinking outside the box. Can you explain your service in a different way? Is there a different type of customer you should be prospecting? Can you think of a different response to a regular rejection?

8 – Have No Fear – The hardest call of the day is the first call. Have no fear, pick up the phone and know that this will probably not be the best call of the day, it will make the next call easier. If you are scared to call your client about an open proposal, then push yourself to get in touch – you aren’t going to close anything if you are scared. Have no fear (and if you do have fear then jump in the deep-end and teach yourself that it isn’t as bad as you thought).

9 – Audit Your Pipeline – Regularly look at your open opportunities and think about ways of moving them along the sales process. If there has been an opportunity on your forecast for weeks and weeks, is it really an opportunity? If you are sure that this is still live then think about how you are going get it closed.

11 – Plan Your Days/Week – Very few salespeople actually make a plan, they have a target, but they don’t have a plan as to how they are actually going to hit that target. Take some time at the end of each week and plan your next week, that way you can walk through the door every day and focus on killing it and not lose time trying to work out what you are going to do today.

12 – Study The Success – Don’t try and reinvent the wheel, find someone in your team who has been successful and study what they are doing that makes them so good. Then emulate that and use that as your starting point.

13 – Ask More Questions – More often than not, if you can’t get a deal closed its because you don’t know enough about what is standing in the way. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at every stage of the sale process, the more questions you ask the more you will know and that WILL help you close more deals.

14 – Referrals – Cold calling and prospecting is the hardest part of sales. It’s why very few sales managers pick up the phone and make cold calls. By focusing on reconnecting with existing customers you will find it much easier to find new opportunities and have a far higher conversion rate.

15 – Avoid Distractions – If you are replying to messages from your girlfriend or posting on your personal social media then you’re not focused on selling. You need to be fully in the moment to make a sale happen so remove distractions and give all your attention to the task in hand.

16 – Sell The Value Not The Price – People buy when they can see value in something and will always find more budget if they think it’s worth it. Don’t get too hung up on the cost of what you are selling instead pay attention to the value it brings your clients and let them worry about affording it.

17 – Work Smarter – Work out what works for you, when you have success, what gets in the way of making a sale. Being self-aware will allow you to work smarter so when you are working your ass off it won’t all be in vain. Use any tools at your disposal to make sure that it’s easier for you to hit your target. Sales isn’t easy so don’t make it harder on yourself.

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