3 Reasons Why You Might Need Our Post Production Video Editing Services

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So, you’ve spent a day on the shoot, and you’ve got your recorded video. You’re really happy with some of the takes, but you’ll be glad to never see some of the worst ones again!

You know this video is going to help push your brand and you can’t wait to get it out there but there’s a problem. It needs to be edited, and you’ve got a thousand other things on your plate this week. You don’t have the time to learn Premiere Pro and you’re not convinced you or your colleagues can deliver to a professional standard.

That’s where we might be able to help. Here’s three reasons why you might want to bring us on board for your postproduction needs.

1) You want the video to look professional

Maybe you’ve been at the edit for hours, but it still doesn’t look right. Perhaps the framing doesn’t sit quite correctly, or you can’t figure out how to transition from one shot to another. You might be struggling to get your head around some of the other visual elements such as a title captions.

 At GLProUK we’ve got a huge amount of video editing experience within our ranks. Our guys have seen it all and know how to turnaround vast amounts of tape into a slick product. Leave it with us and your video will have all the little touches – fades, effects, captions, titles – that elevate it from homemade to pro.

2) You don’t have the time to do it yourself

Let’s face it, no one wants to frequently add a huge chunk of time-consuming tasks to their workload. You’re already struggling to get things done as it is, constantly juggling your time between meetings, emails and deadlines.

Throw in video editing and you’ve got yourself an extra stress. You could hire someone to do it for you, but perhaps your video output doesn’t justify a full time position. That’s why it can be liberating to delegate this to experts who know what they’re doing. Once we’ve understood your vision, you can relax in the knowledge we’re on it and can crack on autonomously.

3) You need fresh ideas

While we’ve got the technical know-how, we’re also happy to be part of the creative process as required. Maybe you’ve shot a whole bunch of tape but are a little confused on how to structure it. Perhaps there’s an issue with your original plan as intended, and you need to come up with a fresh approach.

We’re more than happy to review raw content with our clients and advise on how they can become polished messages. And this doesn’t just apply to postproduction: we can be involved on any step of the creative journey, including planning and delivering the shoot itself.


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