4 Ways to Harness Video for Your Small Business

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Plenty of you will have a business that is all set up and ready to go. Website looks great, you’ve got a product that people want, and your marketing is bringing the punters in. So, what’s next? How do you take the next step to increased revenue?

Studies by BlueChip Marketing Agency have shown increases in conversion of up to 80% when your landing page has a product video front and centre, and Internet Retailer reports that shoppers who view a video on product pages are 144% more likely to add to cart.

Video has the potential to transmit huge chunks of information at great speed. A simple 20 second video can transmit layers of emotional and academic information, simply from the imagery portrayed in the shot. After you create your own video, you can use it to communicate in ways that other marketing tools don’t manage.

Here are four ways to harness video for your business:

1.    Product Demonstrations

This is essentially showing your product doing what it does best. For example, if your product is a beautiful lamp, turn it on in a dark room. Simple! Proof that your product works, with a happy customer using it. If you can use a bit of humour then it can really stick in the mind. Check out Will It Blend, long time internet favourites and a fantastic example of a video really nailing the product demo.

Product demonstrations also work well because you can riddle it with all sorts of clever marketing tactics. Potentially these can be quite expensive, so if you are looking for a low cost means of video production keep reading.

2.    Infographic Videos

These are awesome! The point of this type of video is to get information out there in a visually fun way and skip the boredom. I could explain in depth about why infographics are so useful and powerful, but here’s an infographic that does just that….

3.    Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are the perfect way of showing off your products and services in terms of your happy customers.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers, hearing genuine in-person reflections on the benefits a company provides is powerful stuff.

4.    Promotional Videos

Lastly, using videos for your business allows you to capture your company’s personality. It should represent your voice, as well as advertise your services.

This personality based message is the force behind major brands like Guinness and John Smiths, both essentially sell products that sit in the same place, but with utterly distinct messages and areas of appeal. The sophistication of Guinness’ “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” campaign, vs the cheeky “ave It” by John Smiths. Both of which last enduring impressions, and encapsulate their brand’s persona. It is by connecting with your customers that will create loyalty and turnover.

Here is our company showreel. We think it represents us as it is relaxed, lively and full of colour. What’s more, everything in there was designed/created/recorded by us so it also acts a product demo.

Our showreel is under one minute long specifically so it will work on the major social media channels. We have also provided text based information which allows mobile users to view the video without sound and still know exactly what GLProUK can provide our clients.

If you would like to start the video production journey get in touch with us and we can help you make that connection.

For help with your content creation and digital marking needs get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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