5 Things You Need To Start Vlogging

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  1. Have Basic Camera Knowledge

Vlogging is a visual medium, and as such, you must understand basic composition, lighting, and sound. Even if you’re using a smartphone to start your vlog, always think about how you’re getting the shot, and how you can make it better. Also, when you have basic camera knowledge, you can focus on the story you want to tell, not the nuts and bolts.

  1. Be OK with Filming Yourself

For some filmmakers, this may be the hardest part of a vlog. Many find it easier to be behind the camera, whereas being in front of the camera is kind of like public speaking. It takes practice to get comfortable with it. The good news is, the more you do it, the better you get.

  1. Have a Story to Tell

We tend to think our lives are too boring to share. Who cares what you do daily? But everyone’s life is different, and as such, there are interesting things that can be found no matter where or who you are. Know what you want to say and how you’re going to say it.

Your audience will decide if its quality content!

  1. Know Why You’re Starting a Vlog

If your reason to start a vlog is to make money and become a YouTube star, you’re likely to fail.

Money and fame are by-products, not the ultimate destination. You must have a more focused goal. To make people laugh, to educate, to travel and share your journey. Those are goals are achievable and will bring people to your channel. And eventually, success will come.

  1. Have a Good Work Ethic

It takes plenty of effort to put out a vlog and you’re going to have to regularly deliver to keep your audience engaged. Most blogs start off strong then after a couple of months fade badly. The key is consistency not frequency, put out a video on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Commit to a regular schedule that you can manage and that your audience can come to rely upon.


So that’s my 5 things needed for starting a vlog but really the most important thing is to start!


Good luck.


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