5 Tips to help your Prospecting

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.   Targeting

The foundation that drives the entire sales process is data. Without a clean, up-to-date list you will not have an effective day making calls. Make sure that your list is clean and ready to go before you start as you need to get momentum when trying to contact prospective clients and not spend your time looking up correct contact details. Also, make sure that you are contacting decision makers: too many sales people contact the wrong person in the organisation and waste both their own time and the person they are talking too. Speak directly to the decision maker about the pain points you can resolve.

2.   The client is important, NOT your agenda

No one cares about your company’s USP. Get over it. They care about the problems they have and want them resolved. When you first speak to a potential new client talk to them about how your product or service will help them and what they want to achieve and don’t focus on what you want to achieve by calling them. You will naturally get to your company’s story and USP during the conversation, but that conversation should be about them and not you.

3.   No Tricks

If you are selling a good service or product then there is no need to use tricks, bend the truth or cut corners to generate an initial conversation. All this does is kill trust the client has for you and sets your entire relationship off on a bad note. Integrity in business is key to opening meaningful relationships and sleeping soundly at night.

4.   Many Touches

It takes a lot more attempts than most people think to get through to top prospects. It can take upwards of seven, eight, nine+ attempts to get through to someone and this number can go up and down depending on the industries and job role, so don’t give up. If you have sent a prospective email, set a reminder to follow that up in a week with a call or another email and then set another reminder to follow up that. The client may not have seen your attempts to contact them so don’t assume they are not interested. Be tenacious and confirm their interest by engaging with them and always assume the best.

5.   Variety of Touches

If cold calling isn’t giving you the results you are looking for then try email. If email isn’t working then try LinkedIn or Facebook, the company info@ email, a different social media channel, written letter or anything else you can think of! Everyone has their preferred way of communicating and as a sales person you must make sure that you are attempting to contact people via every available platform.


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