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Being a good salesperson isn’t something an app can teach you. Essentially you either have it or you don’t, and no amount of technology can give it to you!

But that’s not to say mobile apps can’t be really useful for salespeople. They’ll probably never invent an app that closes a deal for you, but there are a whole range that can make your life easier as a salesperson.

By using these tools to make your sales life a lot more efficient, you’re likely to free up the time needed to focus on delivering for your clients.


For me this is the most vital app of all. You’d be an absolute fool to go into a sales meeting without having a look at the profile(s) of whoever you are meeting with. A quick check on LinkedIn and you’ll have a strong sense of the personalities you’re dealing with and can guide the conversation to areas of mutual interest.

Profit Story

A busy salesperson won’t have the time to make all sorts of complex calculations while on the move. That’s why calculator apps like Profit Story are so useful. It allows you to easily calculate profit margins, markups, suggested selling prices, and suggested cost price information, plus break even percentage and projected volume lift if needed.

Adobe Scan

Here’s one that serves a real practical purpose. Say goodbye to keeping piles of physical papers or having your wallet stuffed with receipts. Simply use this free app to scan your documents digitally, and hey presto they will all be there in PDF form instead. Much less messy!


You’ve probably signed tonnes of things using DocuSign already, most likely on your computer. But it’s sensible to download the mobile app as well. This means that prospects and clients can sign paperwork there on the spot, rather than letting it clog up email inboxes.

Time Buddy

This is one for those of you out there with a lot of international clients. Time Buddy is a time converter and world clock, making it easier for you to schedule meetings and events across time zones.


Ok maybe this one is a bit obvious. I’m sure it’s a very small percentage of you reading this that don’t already have WhatsApp on your phone – but if you’re in that group, then you need to address this! Almost all clients will now expect to be able to exchange quick messages on WhatsApp, and if you don’t give them that option they might look dimly on contacting you in the future.


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