Are You Tagging Your Clips in Premiere Pro?

By Tony Gordon Video Production Comments Off on Are You Tagging Your Clips in Premiere Pro?

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You want to save time and stop your head exploding on your next editing project? Then you’ll want to know how to tag your clips.


Tagging Your Clips

Adobe Premiere Pro has some great metadata options that will help you organize, locate, and use the clips you want, including the usual stuff like media duration, frame rate, and a bunch of others.

But there’s an option in the Metadata Display menu called “Add Property”, which lets you input your own type of values, including integer, real, text, and boolean. Now, you might be familer with the text option and have used it to make quick comments on clips like “best take” or “poor audio”, but it can be used essentially as a tagging tool.

By adding a property and selecting “text”, you can create “tags” that make the most sense to you or your project, whether they’re the physical elements within the clip (objects, actors, etc.) or the locations where the clips were shot.

Another little trick that will speed up the tagging process: put your “Tags” option on the left side of your media browser, that way you won’t have to scroll all the way to the right or stretch your media browser over your timeline.

Once you’re done adding tags to your clips, which will take a fair old while time, you’ll be able to click on the search bar in Premiere Pro, type in whichever tag you want, and it’ll show up in your media browser.


And that’s it. It’s a really simple, albeit super tedious, way to make locating your clips a quick process…which will no doubt speed up your editing workflow.

How do you locate your clips? Do you have a different technique that works better than this one? Let us know


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