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Top performing salespeople never presume they know why someone is interested in buying or how they will use the product/service after the sale. They ask and ask and ask and then they ask some more.

Salespeople who are not performing well are constantly presuming they know the answers to unasked questions. Some do this to show off about how much product knowledge they have while others feel out of control if the customer does most of the talking. It’s easier and more comfortable for the salesperson to do the talking as the customer will be less likely to give an objection that they aren’t prepared to respond too.

The most successful people in sales will listen a lot more than they talk. They will find out the customer’s pain points and then explain how their product or service can resolve these. By asking your prospective client questions you can get to the root of their issue and discover exactly why (and what) they need to purchase.

Effective salepeople also don’t waste their time pitching information that isn’t relevant to their customer. By asking questions they deliver pertinent details to the client which will speed up the sales process and not waste the customer’s time while they listening to their ‘killer pitch’.

This applies to any sales situation: the customer, in most circumstances has previously bought what you are selling or has researched several different solutions before speaking to you. So ask them, “What would you change If you could go back and make that purchase again?” or “Are there any features our product/service is missing?” and then be prepared to wait for a response because chances are, most customers will expect you to act like you have all the answers and they have probably not thought of these questions before.

Unless you ask questions to find out what the prospect or customer needs then you aren’t selling – you are mindlessly pitching.

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