Celebrating three years of GLProUK: The story so far…

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so far

Listen to me sit down talk to Jay and Tony about their GLProUK journey here

GLProUK is a London based creative studio founded by Tony Gordon and Jay Ludgrove in 2015. Working with a diverse range of companies, individuals and brands across multiple platforms, GLProUK provide a wrap-around service for all your digital content creation requirements….. Yep, that’s us in a nutshell. That’s what all our bios say on social media, but are so much more than that. We’re constantly growing and evolving, just like the world of digital marketing, it’s always shifting and expanding so you have to keep your wits about you. New challenges brings a new skill set and we love that, we love changing with the times and that’s part of our success.

What started out as a passion project podcast produced from a shed at the back of Tony’s parents garden came GLProUK, a fully equipped production company. Jay and Tony started the ‘How to write a tune podcast’ the podcast that looked into the hearts, minds and souls of musicians and tried to find an answer to the age old question; How do you write a tune? It was praised for it’s studio quality production, top notch guests such as Frank Turner and Wheatus. It was even nominated for the New Media Europe ‘best podcast in the world’ award. While Tony would sit there producing the podcast he realised he was actually pretty good at it, and a lot of podcasts out there at the time weren’t. Jay used his sale skills and suddenly ‘Podcast Production’ was a service that was bringing in more and more clients.

One guest on How to write a tune, ‘David Goo’ had an upcoming live show and keen to expand the podcast content Jay suggested filming the show. With the help of an old friend who was a keen photographer they embarked on the next service they would be selling. With Podcast/Audio Production and Video/Photography under their belts a whole new world of jobs opened up, exhibitions, conferences, comic con, music videos and even an Opera to name just a few. The shed was getting smaller as the team grew. Jay and Tony were no longer working alone, there were now five in total to help manage the work load. The latest addition to the team brought the prospect of a new service, social media management.

In January 2016 Jay and Tony welcomed the new year with a new two floor office and GLProUK was no longer a dream in a shed. Spreading their wings and expanding their cliental it wasn’t long before they were a full on digital marketing company who’s positive reputation was landing more exciting work and helping them grow. Now GLProUK has a full on production and sales team all working together and going places they never thought possible.

Some jobs have taken the team around the globe filming in some stunning locations, covering huge awards ceremonies and working on set for TV adverts. We’ve designed and built logos and websites for clients starting out or looking for a modern update to their old brand. Social media management is now one of the our core services bringing in an whole new level of business and allowing us to meet and work with some incredible people.

Amongst all these exciting new jobs and growth within the business we still pride ourselves on our humble beginnings with podcasting, which is still a huge part of GLProUK. From high profile podcasts to the hobbyist we have a very impressive portfolio of shows we produce. Jay and Tony were even invited to Florida Blog Con 2018 to do a talk about podcasting and Jay guested on a few podcast and radio shows while they were out there. We have even launched our own podcast, GLCast which breaks down our core services, sharing tips and updates within the industry but with our own fun twist to it.

In November 2018 Jay and Tony celebrated three years since they founded GLProUK sat in the shed. It’s been an incredible three years and everyone is very excited to see what the future holds. I myself joined in the days of shed, editing podcasts part time after Jay and Tony heard my podcast and liked the sound quality, soon I was to join full time and leave my job in retail which was doing me no good at all. Now I’m here, head of digital marketing with my own hard working team, running clients social media for them, it’s been a hell of a ride and I’m grateful to be part of it.

Bring on 2019 and beyond.

Greg Armstrong

Head of Digital Marketing


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