Check Off The Little Things To Gain a Competitive Edge

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Your prospects, your customers and your competitors, in today’s world they’re all watching every move that you make.

The marketplace is more competitive than ever. Everyone is looking for the winning edge, combing the latest books, blogs, podcasts, and social media in search of the latest strategies. We too often believe that with this one BIG IDEA in hand we’ll be unstoppable.

However, while you pursue the next big thing there is something you must never forget:

In reality, it’s more often than not the little things that make or break sales success. So, instead of chasing the next big idea check off these little things. You might find they make the biggest difference.

·      Do you prospect every day?

·      When you give someone a call does your phone have a good signal?

·      Is your sales story easy to understand?

·      Are you enthusiastic? Is this reflected in your tone of voice and body language?

·      Are you presentable, do you look, act and sound like a professional?

·      Do you listen, are you looking to understand your prospects needs?

·      Are you proofreading, are you avoiding simple mistakes?

·      Are you spelling/saying your prospect’s name correctly?

·      Are you punctual?

·      Do you thank your prospects?

·      Do you set the agenda?

·      Do you set the next step?

·      Do you research your prospects and plan before you call?

·      Are you taking notes, how extensive are they?

·      Are you following up?

·      Have you kept your promises?

·      Do you start your day early and work a full day?

Imagine how mispronouncing or forgetting a client’s name can change that person’s perception of you. No matter how great your sales presentation was or how extensive your product knowledge, when you make this misstep you lose credibility.

On the other hand, just think how your client may perceive a simple thank you note or birthday card. That will leave a positive impression.

It begins with developing a commitment to excellence. When we let the little things slip it is because we let down our guard and allow our discipline to wane. Top Sales Professionals realize that, in sales, it almost always comes down to the wire and they maintain their self-discipline and commitment to excellence until the deal has been closed.

In sales, the little things count more than the big things and sales professionals who have the self-discipline to effectively manage the little things are more successful, better respected, and out-earn their peers.

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