Clare Muscutt joins Jay Ludgrove on The Jaily Show

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Clare Muscutt

Why not start your day with a healthy dose of female empowerment, delivered in the form of an engaging and informative show that will make you laugh and think in equal measure?

Clare Muscutt is the host and founder of Women In CX, an online membership community enabling women in costumer experience to network, support, inspire and empower one another. She’s also founder and director of CMXperience, a boutique CX design agency based in London.

She came onto the Jaily Show armed with all sorts of interesting insights and perspectives, rooted in her experiences of running a 100% female owned, produced, and sponsored initiative. She spoke about what she learned from developing Women In CX, recalling how the project first came about.

She also reflected on overcoming stage fright in her ‘solopreneur’ attempts in ensuring women within CX get the recognition they deserve, and underlines the values that drive her work. Jay quizzed Clare on how everyone can help, and received a personal insight into intersectional feminism along the way.


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