Creative Ways To Mix Up Your Social Media

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Creative ways to mix up your social media

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For years you have been sharing and curating content that you feel is valuable to your audience, its easy, fast and free. These are staples of the Social Media Marketing World. If you’ve done things right, in your niche, your followers trust and value your content.

However, given the daily avalanche of “read this” posts, “top tips” posts and infographics it’s time to get creative to make sure you stand out from the crowd and deliver the required engagement.

So, let’s look at some ways you can change things up whilst still delivering quality content that your audience will still love.

Shoot and share quick videos.

Video continues rocking every social platform and all the major players have become a viable place to run a video channel. Are you avoiding video because you lack the chops to shoot, edit and broadcast-quality stuff? Get over it and get into it by making short and simple video clips with your phone and posting them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Go live.

Live video with the ability to interact and engage with your audience directly is an incredibly powerful tool. Don’t worry about messing things up and being unable to edit the feed, the natural stripped-down nature of live videos is what’s appealing to the audience. It’s a chance for them to get to know the real you in real-time. You can now go live on all the leading social media platforms.

Highlight your customers.

User-generated content can give your brand some serious cred. These are essentially testimonials from your audience for other potential audience members.

You can make your audience the focus of your social media content with customer stories, hashtag campaigns, contest entries, events, and many other ways. Show your customers and audience at large you appreciate them, and you’re bound to see greater engagement from them.

Interact with AMA’s

Create opportunities to interact with followers via a live chat and/or webinar-style video designed to share your expert insights. If the approach shows potential, consider creating a series. “Ask me” events will help you learn more about your audience’s issues and needs, foster goodwill and position you as an authority.

Give it up with “takeovers”

Inject a guest star into your social media feed by letting someone else “takeover.” Many brands have found that handing off their social account to a partner, influencer or celebrity can draw a crowd and expand reach by introducing a fresh voice and new content.

Make bite-sized content.

Again, think small, snackable sized content. Most content marketers are familiar with the idea and practice of repurposing content. Implement the idea to social media and content ideas can come flying forth. Consider any substantial piece of content you’ve created that received positive engagement from the audience be it blog, vlog or pod and extract small and provocative chunks to share via your social media channels.

Social causes on social media.

Social media’s good for social causes and if your brand’s giving back why not create content to rally the troops and foster your movement? Share your organisations values and beliefs with your audience and you will gain the trust of people who share the same beliefs.


Share interviews.

Interviews of influential professionals in your industry are a great way to inform, inspire and entertain your audience. It’s also a great way to collaborate with people in the same or relevant industries giving both parties an expanded reach. Several services enable you to conduct interviews in real-time on social channels and, of course, the interviews can be repurposed in various forms across the media you choose.

Poll your audience

Conducting polls via social media can generate useful insights or can serve as another form of entertaining social content. From fun, jokey posts, that are there to entertain a serious technical or ethical questions designed to foster debate polls are great for audience engagement. You can always create more content around the results of the poll as well.

Reward interaction with contests and giveaways

You already used to the idea of offering value with what you post so promoting the chance to win something of value is a logical step and one your audience will respond to. Contests and giveaways can be very entertaining and have proven to be one of the most impactful social media ideas for inspiring engagement.

Take your camera backstage

One key to engagement is making a personal connection. Realize, your company is comprised of people that can help create a fun and trustworthy brand. Candid “behind the scenes” looks at your company are easy to create and help humanize your brand.

Show off your people’s interests, office antics, processes, and more. Simply pull back the curtain and have fun with it.

Hopefully, you find these ideas helpful, either way, get in touch on our social channels to let us know!

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