Exhibition and Conference Video : What should you capture?

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We love analytics here at GLProUK as it gives us a unique insight into which content creation techniques actually work, above those projects that are just good ideas.

According to research, viewers are up to 600% more likely to respond to a visual medium such as a video, photography or blogs with lots of imagery. So how does this tie in with your current marketing plans. In this blog, I am going to focus on conferences and exhibitions.

Events and conferences have always been big business across the world and whether the event needs to sell more delegate tickets or just get bums on seats, an effective marketing campaign must be used to make sure you get the attendance you need.

The real issue is that creating a library of visual content can be an expensive undertaking, below are some of the several types of video you can create from one filming session.

Footage from a Previous Event

This is one of the easiest and yet least used techniques. Make sure that you get all of the raw video / photography from your supplier and then 6 months before the next event is due you can give this footage to the editor of your choice to spin together a power representation of what the delegates are in store for at your event.

New Event Promotion Video

If this is a new event and you don’t have any content to reuse then think about your audience and what they respond too. This way your video production company can design a shoot that will maximum the contents potential for other uses.

Do you want to show your delegates the venue? Or sit down with a speaker prior to the event to talk about what they intend to say? Or speak with high profile delegates of this event and ask why they are attending?

This is your chance to show the attendees of a yet to launch show what they will be potentially be attending and can be an easy way to show the ROI of this particular event.

Social Media Promo Videos

By thinking of activities that your speakers, delegates etc can do prior, during and after your event you can potentially capitalise on the social media following of every person attending / involved in the event.

By promoting a specific hashtag during the event, your audience can easily share their pictures and videos while they are attending. This allows their following, who may well be in a similar industry or profession, to see exactly what this exhibition, conference or other event is all about.

By ensuring that people are using your correct profile names when they hashtag the event you will be able to easily find this footage and use it as promotional video for your brand and future events.

The point I am making is this, if you are going to spend time and money on a conference or exhibition stand then please think about how you are going to capture this so you can increase the ROI by creating quality marketing collateral at the same time. At GLProUK help you understand what your audience connects with and find a way of creating that content within your budget.

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Managing Director



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