Five Reasons Your Business Should Have a Podcast

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The business world is constantly changing, and with it are the ways in which you can connect with your clients or audience. There is no surprise that with the rise of handheld computing and smart phone technology, the way people digest information has also changed.

Newspapers and television have been forced to become apps, and similarly, radio has stepped aside to make way for podcasting.

A podcast is simply an audio programme which is released over the Internet. Built for minimal hassle, users simply need one app which allows them to subscribe to any available podcast. Once a podcast has been subscribed to, the app will push future episodes directly to the user’s device.

When it comes to marketing your business or brand, there is no better low-cost way to get out there. Here are 5 reasons why.

Generate that traffic

According to RAJAR audio measurement survey, as of Spring 2017, 5.5 million adults in the UK used podcasts. While the digital world is cluttered, the niche of podcasts is a growing demand and can be your chance of getting your business noticed.

The podcast subscription model means that listeners who like your show can subscribe and never miss an episode. This, combined with the word of mouth of your followers, and the use of guest podcasters (which increases audience cross over) makes the medium ideal to garner constantly increasing numbers.

Compared to Video

Video is a hugely effective method of drawing audience attention. However, producing videos ‘in house’ can be a complex, stressful and expensive endeavour. Having the correct cameras, lighting, sound equipment and know-how to deploy them, is crucial to producing your video, and these corners are not easily cut.

Conversely, a podcast can be as simple as a phone recording. Of course, the better the kit, the better the sound. But if the topic is interesting, a smartphone recording of a few people in a room (with a little edit and clean up) can be great content to promote your business.


The Audience gets to know you

Podcasts can make an otherwise cold, faceless company display its warmer, friendlier side. By using your voice and creating a personality for your brand, you will build rapport with your listeners, ultimately winning their trust and hopefully, their business.

Podcasting also helps you continue the consistency with your audience engagement. Whether you are scheduling daily, weekly or monthly shows, you will give your audience a way to connect to you on a regular basis. Your fans will expect and look forward to each show, and consistency will further cement their trust in you and your company.

Tap into a wider audience

 When you create a podcast, you build a community. By collaborating with guests, you bridge the gap between the two communities by widening audience cross-over. Guest influencers can be pivotal in accelerating your podcasts success and make for interesting listening.

Interview style podcasts with a co-host can also be a way of opening up to your listeners, allowing them to get to know the people behind the brand, as well as educating potential clients as to what your business offers. In the end, if you put out interesting, informative content, they will think of you when looking to hire whichever service it is that you offer.


Confidence and public speaking

Regularly hosting podcasts will help you develop confidence in your speaking ability. The knock-on effects of this can be staggering. Whether it is speaking with your team at work, or at an event where you are required to make a speech, the skills you will pick up as a result of regular podcasting are undeniable. As time goes on, you will natural find a flow in your speaking which is more engaging and will ultimately help you promote your business.



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