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Recently GLProUK founders Jay Ludgrove and Tony Gordon were invited by Gotta Get Blogging over in Orlando, Florida to guest on a webinar as part of their ‘Deep Dive’ into Podcasting Month. This was ahead of both Jay and Tony travelling to Florida for the FL Blog Con taking place September 29th 2018, where the GLProUK founders aren’t only attending the event but also speaking.

The webinar itself was moderated by one of the minds behind the Queenscast PodcastJustice Mitchell and was to focus on how a professional production company might help with your podcasting. This blog is a look at the slides used within the webinar as Jay and Tony talked through the process. You can watch the whole informative webinar right here, or listen to it on GLProUKs official podcast, GLCast here.

Let;s get started….

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Here we look at the three tiers of Podcast out there, as a Podcast Production company GLProUK work with all three. Hobbyist podcasts are usually podcasters that are just starting out or still finding their feet. They have the tools, and we help them out with the know how and production side, offering affordable packages to help with key issues, could be just looking over the sound or removing sound from a Vlog and making it suitable to be released as a podcast.

Professionals have already put a little more investment into their podcast, have a pre-existing audience and possibly advertising already. At this tier we can be a lot more involved, from full edit of the show and even publishing it upon release. The sponsored tier is interesting, it’s a real mix of podcaster. We get the experienced host who over the years have has made it to this level and now just wants to focus on the fun bit of recording, leave the rest to us. Then we get the business side, a company who now wants to start a podcast, has the money may even have an idea already, but not always, GLProUK are brought in to help from the initial consultation stage throughout the whole process and manage the podcast going forward.

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This slide is borrowed from Justice Mitchell and really breaks down the process, especially when working with a US client. Queenscast record the episode on a Thursday, send us the raw audio, and thanks to the UK to US time difference, we edit they they sleep and it’s all done, ready and published when they wake up. Meaning they can discuss the latest news and it go out their audience with the content still being very relevant.


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Environment and Equipment is very important, the room you record in is worth test running first. Just sit and record the sounds, you may be surprised that perhaps you pick up an air con unit, a nosy road outside, or from my experience, the beep of the convenience store down stairs. It could be too echoey in the room, there are a few factors to consider. With the equipment, it depends on your budget. You can record a podcast straight from your phone or having a full set up with a interface and high quality microphones. There is no right or wrong way, just different levels in audio quality.


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Depending on what software or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you use you may the option to expand your edit tools with additional plug ins. If you do, don’t go rushing in, take a look, sign up to their email newsletter, there are always some offers or huge discount sales that pop up and you can get a lot more bang for your buck.

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This slide is actually raises some of the most important factors to consider. This is where additional costs a lot of podcasters just starting out don’t always consider. where will you hst your podcast? it doesn’t just go onto iTunes and Spotify, it needs a main home that it is fed to these places from, this usually cost money, can be from as little as $5 per month or up to $75. Is the music you are using licence free? how much time do you spend on the production side? how much have you paid for the editing software and additional plug ins? There is a lot to think about here and rather than go into further detail right now, you can find out more about this in a previous blog of ours in an on going ‘How to start a podcast’ series we are doing right here. You can also find out more from GLProUKs very own podcast GLCast.


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This last slide is a list things to think about when making a podcast. They not appeal to every one, some are leaning more towards video. Either way they are all points to consider. How will you structure your show? Same pre recorded intro each episode? does it has bumpers between segments? jingles? are you live streaming it? I could list many more.

All this is can seem daunting at first, but GLProUK have been working in the Podcast industry for years now and are very happy to have a chat with you should you want to know more. Please get in touch, check out and follow us on all our social media platforms @GLProUK, links listed below.

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