A Homage to the Little Things in Life and Sales

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the little things

A brand new podcast! An expensive flashy website! Throwing all your money at a social media strategy!

It can be tempting to fall into the trap of thinking one big headline idea is going to be a silver bullet for you, a panacea that drives sales and makes you unstoppable. And while these big picture tickets are undoubtedly going to make a difference, you might be surprised at the extent to which you are undervaluing the smaller approaches that could give you an edge over your competitors. In fact it’s the little things that can be the make or break in your success.

Let’s consider one small example – your mobile phone network provider vis-à-vis your location. In other words, are you getting clear reception? If you’re not, then it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to make a lot of sales over the phone. Here’s another – your timekeeping. Do you often find yourself rushing to your next meeting, or even end up late on a regular basis? Then you clearly need to address how you manage your hours and minutes.

How about the way you talk? No, not your accent. Thankfully the world no longer needs you to speak in received pronunciation to command respect – but there are other mistakes you might be making, such as leaning too much on slang or jargon. And there’s perhaps the biggest small thing in the world: people’s names! Got an awkward Polish or Vietnamese name on your next call? Look up the correct pronunciation – even if you don’t sound a complete natural, the prospect will respect your sincerity in trying to get it right.

Which moves us on nicely to your written language. Quadruple check the spelling of every name – nothing implies a lazy or sloppy approach to your work than misspelling a name, especially if the correct spelling is included in the very email you’re responding to! You might think you know how to spell ‘Alan’ but a French Alain may disagree. Meanwhile it goes without saying that multiple spelling mistakes in general do you no favours. Proofread everything you put out there – and if it’s a particularly important message going to a lot of people, get others to cast their eye over it.

Another important thing to consider is where your BHP levels are at. Unsure of this particular jargon? It stands for Basic Human Politeness. It is absolutely imperative – and not particularly hard – to thank somebody for their time, regardless of how the call or meeting has gone. Follow up notes to the same effect are not to be sniffed at. Beyond P&Qs, you might find stepping it up to Advanced Human Politeness (AHP) has a positive impact. You can consider things like birthday messages or enquiries about family – but be sure to stay within appropriate professional boundaries.

Professionals in sales and all sorts of other fields ignore the little things at their peril. It’s unlikely that Liverpool could win the Premier League without the catering staff getting meal time right, and the same applies to you. It’s the little things that truly add up to the big things.

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