How Sales Coaching Can Help You And Your Team

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Have you thought about sales coaching for your team? It’s something a lot of people don’t give proper consideration, but the research suggests it really works.

It’s true that it’s easier said than done. But it’s worth pushing it through some of the barriers you might encounter. Research from Second Nature found that 96% of respondents – which included sales reps and managers – agreed that the right sales coaching can make a significant positive difference in performance.

Respondents reported that sales coaching improved both the quality of sales conversations and the quantity of closed deals. Many noted that sales professionals who’d received more sales coaching were better able to focus on the overall value of the solution during a sales call, instead of the easier but less effective approach of selling individual features.

Coaching increases confidence, and who doesn’t want more confident sales reps? This would lead to better sales conversations, and lead to more repeat sales.

But the same survey also suggests that not enough companies are delivering sales coaching, despite recognising their benefits. A majority reported that salespeople aren’t getting enough coaching time.

So what’s getting in the way? By far the biggest factor is a lack of internal knowledge. Many sales managers don’t know how to coach their employees, and this is a major obstacle to success. Being a great seller does not necessarily mean being a great teacher, and many lack the right tools whether remote or in person.

Time is also a challenge. Predictably many sales managers feel they don’t have enough time to coach employees, or to give timely feedback. This tends to be a bigger problem the larger a company is and the more sales reps a manager is responsible for.

It’s clear that sales coaching really can drive revenue, but you’ll need to go about it in the right way to overcome these obstacles. Arming salespeople with the right tools is a great start. You need to leave behind the assumption that every sales manager has the time and skills to coach their sales teams and bring in targeted solutions that help them succeed.

But most of all you need to embrace sales coaching as the effective tool it is.


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