How To Deal With Criticism

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How to deal with critisism

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If you’re behind a microphone, in any capacity in any field of broadcasting, then there is one thing you will not be able to escape.


This criticism will come in two forms, both constructive and negative, lets take a closer look at both and how to deal with them.

Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is when a peer, mentor, or even a listener offers advice and suggestions on how you can improve your performance. The general tone of the conversation will be one of support, they’ll just be looking to help you get better.

This form of feedback is extremely helpful, it gives you an accurate impression of where you are and offers ways to improve your performance.

All in all, people who provide quality constructive criticism are an invaluable resource that you must embrace and cherish as they will help you to become the very best you can.

Negative Criticism

Negative criticism will focus exclusively on the downsides of you and your product. It is exactly what it sounds like, criticism designed to elicit a negative response from you. This can happen to you for personal or professional reasons and has only one purpose: to upset you.

It doesn’t matter how good or successful you become you will always have negative criticism from a section of your audience. Some people just like to complain.

How to Deal with Criticism

We’ve looked at the types of criticism that you can face so now let’s look at a couple of strategies to deal with it.

Ignore It

Some people are only ever happy when the are complaining, they love to moan and think they’re an expert on everything including your job and how you do it. They aren’t doing your job however and there a reason for that.

So, take solace in the fact that they are listening to you. And you’ve done enough for them to form an opinion of you or your show. That means you’ve had an impact!

I have always thought it is better to be disliked than for somebody to have no opinion on you at all.

Engage with It

You can decide to engage with the criticism, but you should beware of what comes with that.

I have done this. I have called up a texter who has sent in criticism and I have replied to tweets and Facebook messages. I’ve opened a dialogue.

If you decide to engage, the key is always to be professional. Don’t lower yourself to their level and plan your response. I normally find the people I have engaged with tend to stop criticizing.

If you engage and do it well, you can win them over. You can turn negative criticism into constructive criticism.

They Are Your Listener, You’re Not Their Listener

No matter what kind of criticism you receive, and no matter how you react to it, it’s important to remember one thing. They are your listener, you’re not their listener.

Try to keep this thought in mind when any criticism comes your way. They’re are talking about you; You’re not talking about them. You’re not being arrogant, merely remembering the fact that you’re behind a mic working hard to deliver the best you can.

You’re having an impact, people are listening, forming opinions and engaging with the show. You’re doing something right!

So, when you receive criticism, both constructive and negative, remember that it’s a good thing you’ll either get better as a result or it’s a testament to the engaging work you have done already.


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