How to Start a Podcast: Brand, Show Structure and Music

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So, you want to start a podcast. You have a topic or idea in mind, but where do you go next? Before you start buying equipment (if you don’t already have it), setting up hosting sites and social media channels what do you do first?

In my opinion, the beginning is a really fun part. The start of your brand. The planting of the seed. Do you have a name you are happy with? Something straight to the point? A single word that is easy to remember and recognisable? Or a pun, a phrase? It doesn’t really matter; opinions do vary on this. If you are planning to try and monetise your podcast, or perhaps get sponsorship further down the line, it’s best to choose a safe name. This will become the brand from which you will create your show font or/and logo as well as your podcast artwork.

How are you going to structure your show? Will you have pre-recorded intros, bumpers and outros? This format is used for a lot of interview based podcasts or daily shows to save time in the edit and you have a constant narrative. Or are you going to record it as one complete episode each time, just with your intro music? Do you have segments that need their own little jingles? All of this leads to an integral part of a podcast that not everyone thinks about, the music.

What music are you going to use? Copyright can make it hard to use your favourite mainstream song. Especially if your podcast is successful, at some point you’ll end up having to change it. Some hosts make theirs from Apple loops or similar programs. Other podcasts might use pre-set jingles from stock websites. While these can be very easy to find and use, the only issue is that other podcasts or videos may use the same piece of music. Another idea would be to purchase a piece of music from any licence free music site. However, if you are fortunate enough to be able to make your own music, or have a friend who can help, this would be the best option.

Once you have a show structure in place it’s much easier to plan out and edit your episodes. The initial time you take to plan the podcast makes a big difference to the quality of the launch, and keeps a good level of consistency throughout.


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