How to start a Podcast: Hosting site, RSS feed and Social Media

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You have an idea for a podcast, you are eager to start but there’s a few more things to think about and set up first. An important one to start with is how are you hosting your podcast? Are you hosting it from your own domain? Or are you setting up on one of the many hosting sites? In our business, we find the majority of clients use hosting sites, at least to start with. This is mainly because we take the whole uploading and scheduling of each episode off of their hands. I’m skipping ahead though, before I start asking the ‘what hosting site should I use?’ I should really answer the ‘What is a hosting site’ question first.

A hosting site is your podcast home, it’s the tree trunk that branches your podcast to all other platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher, Acast, to name a few. A hosting site is a service that provides the RSS feed and file hosting, where you can easily upload your episode as an mp3 file, with information about the episode and the artwork you have to go with it. The hosting site takes all of that information and generates the RSS feed for you. The RSS feed is a file server on the internet that lets people subscribe to your show and allows listeners to download the file.

There are some free hosting sites with limited bandwidth (space to upload and store your episodes). Then, there are paid sites which give you more space depending on different price packages. These usually start around as little as $5 per month (about £3.75). From here, you can upload your episodes with all the information, all the social media posts and schedule time for release across multiple platforms, making life much easier than doing it manually.

Which hosting site should you use? It all depends on your requirements and how user-friendly you find each site. As of last year, these were some of the most popular hosting sites, in no particular order:




Blog talk radio


I can’t tell you which one to use, I can tell you that personally, and as a business we use Libsyn. I find it very simple to use, great value and it gives great analytics from the second price tier.

Once you have found your hosting site, it’s just as important to get your social media channels set up, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being the obvious three. YouTube is a good one too, even if you just upload audio onto a video, it gives you the future option to post actual videos of you doing the podcast, or much like the other social platforms, live stream an episode. Setting up your social media platforms beforehand is an excellent way to start building a bit of buzz for the podcast, you can interact with other podcasts and seek out communities online, there are loads out there and are usually very welcoming. You can also use them to countdown to your first release and start building an audience so your first releases don’t instantly fall on deaf ears.

You can find out more about social media and building your audience at no extra cost in our previous blog here.

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