Jemma Lea Bevan Returns to The Jaily Show

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Jemma Lea Bevan

Interested in generating inbound leads on LinkedIn?

Then this might just be the perfect Jaily Show guest for you to listen to.

In this release, Jay sat down (virtually) with Jemma Lea Bevan of Social Jems. Jemma is a specialist in digital marketing and social media strategy, and is full of handy pointers and tips for generating those LinkedIn leads.

Jemma discussed with Jay some of the challenges that the last year has presented, including have to create a waiting list to cope with the inundations of leads. She reveals her nickname of ‘The Geek’ in any place she’s worked on account of how much she researches. And she offers an insight into balancing her work life with raising her ‘old man’ of a son!

Dreadful examples of targeted marketing, the professionality of calling people ‘sugar’, and the limitations of networking events are also discussed in this wide ranging chinwag!


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