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What services do you provide?

We provide a complete wrap-around service for all of your content creation requirements. What we mean by this is that we are able to take the headache out of producing quality video, photography, graphic design, digital design and audio projects. While managing your entire social media presence. Allowing you to concentrate on the more important things like providing a great service to your clients.

Who makes up your core team?

GLProUK are group of people who get to do what they love all day long. We make videos, create social media campaigns, take photos, design graphics, produce podcasts – every day is different from the last. By providing the management and creation of marketing campaigns we see the project from its genesis through to completion.

How do you quote on work?

Every company is different and for that reason, every requirement is unique. We find the easiest way to put together the best, most competitive quote possible is to simply have a conversation. We’re happy to sit down with you or talk over the phone and flesh out what you’re looking to achieve and who your specific target audience is. Having an open dialog is definitely the best way to see if we can help with any content creation issues that you may be experiencing.

How fast can you turnaround work?

What would life be like without deadlines! At the start of each project we’ll set clear milestones, together with you, to make sure your content is delivered by the date you need it. If we can’t meet your deadlines then we won’t take the job, it’s as simple as that.

How do you ensure quality?

Showcasing your company’s quality is key when creating content. From posting regular pictures on your Twitter page to uploading videos to your website or Facebook group, it’s important to remember that no content is better than bad content. With this in mind, every service that we produce has a dedicated project manager to ensure the highest quality is achieved in all aspects. We’ll be sure to run the most in-depth quality checks to make sure what we have produced is accurate and complete to your taste. We’ll keep a completely open dialog to allow you to voice any suggestions you may have so you get the results you’re after.

Can we meet you?

Of course! We love meeting new people!! Email me at


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