New Year, New You, Same Sales Process

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new year new you same sale process

We are all seeing lots of posts about “New Year, New me!!” like we always do in early January but lets be honest, it was only a few short weeks ago when everyone was gearing up for the holiday break. In my opinion, nothing has changed, you still have the same goals you did in December, you still have the same monthly targets you need to hit! So lets not get too carried away with the new years resolution and remember these three simple sets to ensure your new years sales resolutions last as long as the New Years hangover.

  1. Set achievable goals.

Many sales people get way ahead of themselves and set targets that are completely unachievable. “I’m going to close double my target this Quarter!!!!” might sound impressive but if it isn’t actually achievable then all you re going to do is dishearten yourself and ruin your perception in the eyes of your sales manager.

If you weren’t saying that you are going to triple your number in December, then don’t delude yourself (or your sales manager) by saying you are going to do it this year. Be realistic, look to how you performed last year and use that information to make a fair estimate. Sales managers would always prefer you to hit / exceed your target instead of falling short of a ridiculously ambition target that you put your name too at the beginning of the year.

  1. Re-evaluate and reassess constantly.

Forecasting the success, you will have in sales is a true art and forecasting for the entire year is probably closer to a magic trick. Try to break your numbers down in to more manageable bitesize chunks. Forecast the next month or quarter and the constantly reassess your progress.  Hopefully you will bring in a one huge deal at the beginning of the year and if this happens then you can plan accordingly going after larger opportunities while the pressure isn’t on you as much.  On the other hand, if you fall behind your number one month then you need to be putting plans in place to hit next month’s number and make up for last month’s deficit.

By tracking your progress and constantly reassessing where you are and where you need to be it will be far easier to see if you need to adjust to hit your number this year.

  1. Cut yourself some slack.

Too often people make huge sweeping statements like “from now on I’m never going to xxxx again” which is fine but as the year drags on and you start to fall back into some of your old habits it is easy to be put off by these kinds of absolutes.  Remember you are human, and failure is 100% part of the process.  If you start to veer away from your new year’s resolutions then simply take stock of where you are, decide where you want to be and make changes to get back on track.

Your New Year’s goals are essentially going to be the same as last year, so keep thinking back to January when there was tinsel in the office and you were wearing a cosy Christmas jumper. You weren’t putting yourself under any undue pressure then so why would it be an effective tactic now. It will take time to achieve your goals and being hard on yourself isn’t going to help anyone.


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