Out of office? What about your socials over Christmas?

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You have your social media marketing plan all set up, content ready and you or you and your team are on hand to respond to comments and other engagements, great got it all under control. Then that pesky month December pops up, a month that differs from the other eleven in the year in a big way. I’m of course talking about Christmas which in turn is followed by New Year. Big events the world over if you celebrate it or not. The office is closing for a couple of weeks so the question is, who is paying attention to your content during this time and are you free enough to be as hands on as you usually are during this period? What should you do?

Don’t stop posting. Keep content rolling out as always, a few Christmas themed posts wouldn’t hurt. Make sure your posts aren’t boring! – Don’t create posts that aren’t captivating and ensure that they are high quality! Many people won’t be working over the festive period and therefore, lengthier and well planned posts can be done with good quality photos to match.

That being said, I personally wouldn’t post something you want big hits on during this time unless, I see some numbers such as podcast downloads tend to drop off a little during this festive period as not everyone has time. So your video may not get the views you want, the message you are putting out there may not reach all of its intended audience. Keep posting though, have your posts scheduled while out the office over Christmas to keep rolling out, maintain a constant presence.

This may sound like I’m saying people don’t use social media as much during Christmas, that’s far from the truth. It’s busier than ever, people looking for deals, presents, offers, checking travel plans and if that famous white snow is coming to town. There is a lot of noise. Retail especially, it’s a huge time for their social media, a great opportunity for businesses to increase their sales further.

Be ready, as soon as we hit the new year, don’t delay, start pushing your new fresh content. There will be plenty of people and businesses with new resolutions, new ideas, want to kick off the new year with a bang. Have some heavy hitter posts ready to go, that video you made, that podcast you recorded, that announcement you have or that offer you got ready to go. Use paid advertising, have it planned and set up ready to go.

There’s no right or wrong way to handle your businesses social media over this time, but if you’re out the office it really does fall to you going the extra mile on your own time and checking in. To sum up, keep relevant content going out over the busy Christmas period which is all scheduled before hand but be ready to hit ground running once it over, especially when that New Year kicks in.


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