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Launching your first podcast is easier than you think

Have you thought about starting a podcast?
Do you have a great idea but need help bringing it to life?
Are you lacking the skillset or time to create the high quality product that makes your show stand out?

How GLProUK can help?

GLProUK bring specialist expertise to each step of the process. Having worked in audio and video production for over a decade and with hundreds of podcast titles under our belt, we know just what’s needed to make podcasting easy, accessible and enjoyable for our clients.

Working with us means a professional, polished product that’s found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all other major apps. And our wider digital marketing expertise is a handy tool when it comes to getting your podcast in as many ears as possible.

We want to welcome Pod Bible readers to the world of podcast creation, so we are offering 10% off first orders. Just remember to mention ‘Pod Bible’ when you speak to us.


The steps to launching a Podcast

From pre- to post-production, there’s several steps that need to be taken to deliver a professional sounding podcast.
  • Your strategy and purpose for the series
  • Equipment you’ll be using
  • Artwork and other visual assets
  • Management of recording sessions
  • Creating title music and licensing costs
  • Editing your episodes
  • Where and how you will upload your podcast
  • Promoting your podcast
  • Measuring success through analytics

Who we've worked with

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