Podcasting Services

Reach your audience through audio with our podcasting services.

GLProUK helps brands to leverage the demand for audio content by producing professionally engineered and distributed podcasts that audiences want to listen to.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or need help with a pre-existing podcast, we provide an end-to-end, hassle-free service that gets you sounding your best.

Why podcast for business?

Podcasting provides direct access to a highly engaged and niche audience, and they can work for almost any subject matter or industry. With over 800,000 active podcasts worldwide, and over 7.1 million UK listeners, it’s clear that demand is growing. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to share your industry expertise, but launching a podcast can also have incredible sales and marketing benefits.

SEO Potential

Consistent podcasting has amazing SEO benefits for your website. You’ll develop strong backlinks and provide search engines with regular, scheduled, high-quality content.

Content strategy

Recording one podcast can create over 50 pieces of additional content that can be repurposed and distributed across your other channels (imagine the benefits if you did this every month).

Relationship building

Podcasts have the ability to reach people in your industry who may have previously seemed out of reach through guests, partners, collaborators and listeners.


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    Our services

    We work with you through the whole process of podcast production, covering strategy, creative, production, distribution and promotion (or just the parts you need).


    Our talented producers can work with you to develop a concept that balances the story you want to tell with the story your audience wants to hear. Tapping into our extensive podcast experience, we can provide suggestions on style, format, guests and so much more.


    We provide equipment recommendations, finding you the best solutions based on your goals and budget. Once you’re up and running, we provide continuous consultancy, empowering you to get the best out of your recording equipment


    The editing process is incredibly easy. Once recorded, you just upload the files to a Dropbox folder and leave the rest to us. We seamlessly edit your segments, clean up the audio and add all the relevant intros, outros, ad segments and music to make it feel like ‘you’.

    Design & copy

    Our team of in-house designers and copywriters can create standout artwork and beautifully written copy for your podcast. We can help with every aspect, from show covers and channel icons, to show notes and promotional material.

    Hosting & distribution

    Before you can start sharing and promoting a podcast, you need to choose a hosting platform. We can help with everything from selecting the perfect host platform, to a distribution strategy for maximum engagement. We can even take care of scheduling and release.

    Optimising for video

    Turning your podcast into a video has so many benefits, including attracting a wider audience. We know that YouTube is great for SEO, so why not utilise our video production services to maximise your recording output.

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