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Podcast Production

We produce professionally engineered and distributed podcasts.

Podcasting has come a long way since their early incarnation as MP3 Blogs. No longer the domain for those who failed at radio. It now stands as a pillar of long-form, web-based digital media. In the evolving age of digital audio many businesses have now taken to podcasting, and proven it to be a very effective way to reach your audience.

Sound your best, grow your audience and have some fun with GLProUK

With the preparation, editing and time that’s involved, it’s a very common need to want to outsource your podcast editing. GLProUK has years of experience when it comes to podcast production and podcast creation. We cater for everyone from first-time podcasters to the serial hobbyists. We offer a range of audio packages to suit your needs. When the question ‘How do I start a podcast?’ is asked, GLProUK has the answer.

How do we Help?

GLProUK seamlessly edits your segments, cleans up the audio and writes refined show notes and SEO minded web copy. Delivering an impeccable show package on-time, every time. We take care of setting up your podcast hosting, release schedule and our designers can even help with branding and logos. GLProUK help take the hassle out of podcasting so you can focus on delivering a great show for your audience.

Podcasting for business

With the world of technology constantly developing, so are the ways businesses can reach a wider audience. Podcasting is a fantastic and innovative way for your business to broadcast to the masses, expanding your client base and sharing with them what you have to say.

Sounds like hard work? That’s where we come in. GLProUK provide an end-to-end, hassle-free service to get you recorded and sounding smooth, so that all you need to do is sit back, and have a chat!

Podcast M.O.T

The Podcast doctor is in. Do you have a pre-existing podcast that just doesn’t quite sound right? With our expertise and tools, we will work with you to get your podcast sounding sharp and professional, so that you can be proud of what you are putting out there.

Who wants to sit in an editing suite for hours tweaking every single cough and clang? We do! So let us do what we love the most!

Podcasting for FUN

We are all podcasters here; we love podcast and never forget it’s humble beginnings or the buzz of sitting down to record a show for the first time. Hence we also offer a simpler, lower budget package for those eager little podcasters out there who need a help with equipment and launching their show. We can help you with the basic tools and tips to get you up and running so that you can officially call yourself “A PODCASTER”.

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Audio Production

The team at GLProUK offer a complete service for businesses who want to create a professional audio product and cover the full spectrum of audio creation all the way through to publishing. The engineers in our fully loaded post-production studio can provide audio mixing, editing and mastering services for TV, Radio, Social Media, Documentaries, Film and all other online content creation. Our other sound post-production services include Sound Design, audio branding suggestions on current recording set up, best recording practices and equipment.

Just as every customer is different, so is every job. We consider every project individually, and we work to its specific requirements and budget and create a tailored service to achieve only the best results.

Audio Production has always been a huge priority to us as we know that bad audio can ruin great content. Our world-class audio engineers deliver creative sound design and production for Social content, Music Production and TV & film.

GLProUK are experts in understanding your final objectives and deadlines and we have the tools and expertise to manage any project of any size from the initial creation and pre-production to completion and delivery. We provide a range of services to match your varying needs and help to get the best sound possible in any situation or location.