Producing magic – Creating Killer Video Content

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Video content is a key component of any social media marketing strategy, in this article I provide pointers for anyone thinking about taking the plunge and creating their own.

There are plenty of options for any would-be Hitchcocks looking to start creating videos, mobile, osmo, dslr, video camera etc, what a choice, what do you go for?

Creating your own videos can seem daunting, but remember, everyone started from scratch so don’t feel intimidated just because you have no experience. You may well already have created family-related content, and even if you have never made any videos before, it is something you can easily learn!

Start off simply…..

You might be tempted to start with a bang, but it’s a good idea to make your first video short, round about 30 seconds’ worth to begin with would be a good idea. You’re introducing yourself, so you don’t want to lose your potential audience by making it too long and putting them off viewing it!

It’s very important to plan your video in advance, your first effort might be a little rough round the edges, but you want to make the best possible debut that you can produce. It doesn’t require a complete script, this could come across as wooden, but you need to know what you intend to say and an idea of the order in which you want to say it.

If you are going to create your video on your mobile device, it is best to shoot in landscape rather than portrait. Ideally you want to position your camera to give a good head and shoulders view, with the camera at eye level so it avoids shooting directly up your nose!

Often a good way is to place your camera at the desired level on a pile of books. It is far easier than attempting to shoot while holding your camera, which breaks your concentration and makes shaking difficult to eliminate.

Pay particular attention to the background. It is best to have a light-coloured background, and as uncluttered as possible so the focus of the viewer remains on you. For this reason, if you are shooting from home or a home office, make sure items such as family portraits don’t appear to provide any viewer distractions.

One point I always make is that not all potential viewers are able to watch a video with the sound on, so it makes sense to download subtitle maker software to enable you to create them. Subtitles enable them to view in silence while still getting your message across.

Testing, testing…..

 Rehearsing is essential to provide your video with some polish. Record on your device, play back and repeat until you are comfortable with your delivery. The more you do this, the smoother it will become, you will gain in confidence and this will be reflected in the finished product.

If you wince at the sound of your own voice, don’t worry about it, most people feel the same to begin with, remember, nobody ever hears themselves as others do, as long as you are sounding clear you are doing just fine.

Pacing yourself is also important, there is a tendency to speak too quickly when you start out, but this will make your audience struggle to keep up. Speak slowly, and above all, remember to breathe so you don’t run out of puff in mid-sentence. This is why it makes sense to do as many test runs as necessary to get your delivery as smooth as you can!

Facial expression also matters. If you are nervous there is often a tendency to grin or look uncomfortable, which makes for an uncomfortable viewing experience. Smile and remember it is far better to appear friendly, relaxed and natural to enable your audience to warm to you.

Above all, be yourself, be warm, friendly and engaging. Never stifle your personality, don’t be afraid to use humour in your video, but never let it take you away from the core message you are trying to get across.

Ending the video with a question for your audience is a great way to encourage subsequent engagement, if you ask for a response you are far more likely to receive one than if you end the video with a statement.

You will inevitably be nervous about the reaction your first video produces.  Most people, especially those who have never produced a video themselves, will admire you for your courage to put yourself out there. If you do attract any negative comments, I think it is more a reflection on their attitude than anything, most decent people offer constructive criticism and encouragement.

DIY or outsource?

Many people find they are naturals when it comes to producing videos. Sometimes, however, combining the roles of producer and presenter, which is quite likely if you are a small business, might put you off.

Maybe tech just isn’t your strength and you would be better off concentrating purely on the presentation side. You can still be a great presenter, you don’t have to be a complete extrovert in order to make excellent videos, remember that many people who appear confident on camera aren’t, it’s just through practice they have learnt to give that impression!

Under those circumstances it is worth considering a collaboration with a video production company. This will take care of the tech side for you, enabling you to concentrate on the message and content of the campaign.

A good production company will hold your hand throughout the whole process, from agreeing the campaign and its objectives, right though to the finished product. You will be able to concentrate purely on your own performance under the direction of experts in their field.

You need to weigh up the cost savings of a DIY approach against the cost of a more professional final product.  I think that it makes sense to start with professional guidance so you begin on the right footing. Once you have learnt the ropes you can opt for the DIY approach with the confidence that you know what you are doing, but if the video production company is doing its job properly, you will hopefully be in for a long-term collaboration where everybody wins!

Making videos is rewarding and can also be great fun, if you haven’t yet taken the plunge, give it a try!

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