Should You Outsource Your Podcast?

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Whether you have been podcasting for years, or are in the process of attempting your first episode, I’m sure you have thought about finding a producer to give you time to make your show the best it can be.

The vast majority of podcasters tend to see it as a hobby and something to do for fun. These podcasts will never be affected if an episode is released late or if the quality varies from show to show. In fact, they will still be able to build a loyal following of fans who don’t notice this ‘unprofessionalism’ and love the content regardless. However, it is these podcasts that are significantly less likely to make any money.

A podcast associated with a business that is trying to create a relationship with their audience to promote their brand, cannot afford to release poor or unprofessional content which will disappoint their listeners and reflect badly on their company.

For this type of podcast, investing in a high quality, professional sounding show, will lead to business opportunities and further income streams, meaning that the initial investment will show a clear return. Ultimately, successful podcasts have great content, sound quality, and are consistent.

For some people, editing is the best part of podcasting. However, others prefer being on the mic and have no idea how to edit or upload a podcast. There are a lot of elements to a successful podcast, so when you find there is an element you don’t enjoy, you should consider outsourcing.

However expensive outsourcing can be, it is important to consider the time you will be saving which can be used to find sponsorship opportunities or other revenue streams such as an affiliate scheme or advertising.

Should you outsource your podcast to a third-party outsourcing company, a freelancer, or a friend?

Before starting your podcast, here are a few things to consider:

  • Website
  • Recording equipment
  • Show notes
  • Design assets (logos, social media images, downloadable PDFs, etc.)
  • Social Media channel set up
  • Editing/post-production
  • Hosting service
  • Marketing strategy and planning (including social media platforms)


If you decide that you have the time to do the production work yourself, you should then think about how you can use podcasting as a way to enhance your brand with an effective content marketing strategy. Podcast production can be a lot of fun, and is an addictive pastime, but no one disagrees that it is a time-consuming process. Even the most experienced podcast producers spend about twice the length of a finished podcast editing, so be aware of the workload you are undertaking.


Where should you outsource your podcast production?


You may have considered hiring a freelancer or someone ‘techy’ who fancies themselves as an editor who will work for free or a low cost. It is possible to find reliable freelancers, and I would suggest using Twitter and Facebook over the popular freelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

Using freelancers can be great if you have time to micro-manage them, as you get to control the production, tone and feel your podcast. However, there are many more parts to running a successful podcast, such as show notes, social media promotion and website management. Using freelancers for all of these services can be a juggling act to make sure that the unique voice of your brand or podcast isn’t lost while trying to manage multiple low paid teams. Providing you have the time to find the best freelancers for each job and then are able to manage their output moving forward, this model can be an effective way of building your podcast production team. However, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for, and you need to keep your team incentivised to make sure they deliver the level of quality you ultimately need.

Be sure to look at their portfolio and ask for testimonials from their existing or past clients. There are a lot of courses and certifications which don’t match up to experience and vice versa. Don’t trust one example someone sends you. Anyone can send you their best piece of work, but in podcasting, consistency is everything. Be sure to listen to a number of their shows so you can get an idea of what they deliver each episode.

Many freelancers edit around a full-time job or education, and simply don’t have the time to hone their skills. It is important to think about a back-up plan should they fall ill, take a holiday or find themselves in some other situation which will mean they cannot devote time to your show. Will you be able to release your show or will you have to recruit another producer and hope they can deliver?

Third Party Outsourcing Company

If you have a larger budget, you can work with a third-party outsourcing company which will involve working with a team of expert producers, web administrators and social media gurus. The benefits of using professionals can have a profound impact on your podcasts reach and success.

Allowing one company to control all the facets of your show means that you can deal with one point of contact and have one unified voice for your production, but take your time when you are looking to hire a team to do the production work. Just like when hiring a freelancer, check their work, ask to speak to their clients about the service they have received and make sure they can meet the level of quality you want to receive. Don’t be shy about asking. Any company worth their salt will be happy to share their work and put you in touch with their many satisfied customers.

With a larger production team behind you, you can be certain that each team member will be skilled and able to produce your show. There is a reason that they do this for a living and you can reap the benefits of their years of combined experience. What’s more, you are unlikely to experience delay issues due to a holiday or illnesses, but it is worth asking about what procedures they have in place to make sure there isn’t a single point of failure in your podcast production.


I’d suggest using Dropbox to store the raw audio files. This is a great way of having a central repository that you are your producers can use to work on your podcast. Adding a layer of security like Dashlane means that you can take control of your audio files at the touch of a button. 


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