Six questions to ask yourself before making a video for your business.

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So you’ve read all the reports that say a video is the best way of communicating your message and you’ve found the right production company to realise that dream… So what now?

Below are six simple questions to ask yourself (and answer) before you start making your next video:

1.     Who are you targeting?

Knowing your target audience is key when thinking about building video content so you can tailor your message accordingly.

Are you aiming to reengage with existing accounts or entice new customers?

By understanding exactly who you’re targeting, you’ll find it far easier to create interesting and appealing video content.

2.     What’s the desired end result for the video?

Although this seems like an obvious question that should’ve been asked long before you began the process of designing your company’s next video, it actually seems to be one of the last points considered.

By having a clear and concise end goal in mind you’ll find it easier to put together a simple brief that gives you the results you’re after.

3.     What’s the character or tone of your business?

Are you looking to attach customers by showing off your friendly and approachable service or would you prefer to project the professionalism that your company is known for?

Once you have a firm grasp of the tone you want to convey it will make it easier for your production company to make this part of your video.

4.     What’s the video’s message?

Video content that is too long tends to lose people’s interest so don’t try and cram too many messages into one video. It’s better to make a number of shorter videos that only convey one or two messages to keep things short and sweet. Users are also more likely to view five three minute videos than one fifteen-minute video so think long and hard about the message you want to put across and make sure the video makes that point promptly.

5.     Where are you going to showcase your video?

Ultimately there is no point making any content if your target audience aren’t going to see it! Is this video for your website or to be used as part of a presentation? Are you going to post this video onto YouTube or email it to your clients? These decisions can change how your video should look and feel, so make these decisions before starting the process and your production company will be able to assist in amending the tone or style to fit your preferred platform.

6.     What’s your budget?

If you have the budget to make a Hollywood blockbuster then you need not read on, however if you want this video to be part of your overall marketing plan and for that reason have to work within the confines of a budget, then make sure you have a ball park figure in mind and communicate this to your production company as early in the process as you can.

Try not to let your creative side get the best of you, making a video can be a fun and exciting process but it is more effective to release consistent quality often rather than just one video that wows.


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