Six things to consider when starting a podcast

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There’s things to consider if you’re going to start a podcast,

Firstly, the equipment. What are you going to record with? There are so many mics to choose from, it can be daunting to know where to start. USB mics are affordable and easy to set up and use, and your sound won’t suffer too much, but depending on your budget and the goals for your podcast, you can go bigger and better. This previous blog of ours goes deeper into which microphone could work best for you here.

Secondly, the name, the brand, the artwork. In my opinion, the beginning is a really fun part. The start of your brand. The planting of the seed. Do you have a name you are happy with? Something straight to the point? A single word that is easy to remember and recognisable? Or a pun, a phrase? It doesn’t really matter; opinions do vary on this. If you are planning to try and monetise your podcast, or perhaps get sponsorship further down the line, it’s best to choose a safe name. This will become the brand from which you will create your show font or/and logo as well as your podcast artwork.

Thirdly, How are you going to structure your show? Will you have pre-recorded intros, bumpers and outros? This format is used for a lot of interview based podcasts or daily shows to save time in the edit and you have a constant narrative. Our previous ‘How to start podcast’ series on ‘Brand, show structure and music’ can help.

Forth, Hosting. You are eager to start your podcast, but there’s a few more things to think about and set up first. An important one to start with is how are you hosting your podcast? Are you hosting it from your own domain? Or are you setting up on one of the many hosting sites? In our business, we find the majority of clients use hosting sites, at least to start with. Our previous ‘How to start podcast’ series on ‘Hosting site, RSS feed and Social Media’ can help.

Fifth, editing and mixing. Who’s going to make it sound good? If it’s you what software will you use? Choosing a digital audio workstation to use can be a daunting task, especially if you have little experience and knowledge in this area. Well, there’s no right or wrong answer, it’s all down to what works for you. Our previous ‘How to start a podcast’ series on ‘What DAWS to use and cutting tips’ can help.

And sixth, the scheduling, who is going to make sure it comes each week on time? There are some free hosting sites with limited bandwidth (space to upload and store your episodes). Then, there are paid sites which give you more space depending on different price packages. These usually start around as little as $5 per month (about £3.75). From here, you can upload your episodes with all the information, all the social media posts and schedule time for release across multiple platforms, making life much easier than doing it manually.


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