Social Media For Small Businesses, Where Do We Start?

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where do we start

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There is a huge number of small businesses who have been avoiding social media, they either don’t have time, don’t understand it or maybe they do have social media platforms but they are sat there un-utilised and in need of attention. Love or hate it Facebook is an efficient marketing tool, it has 1.3 billion daily users, 400 new users signing up every minute with over 4.5 million businesses using Facebook pages, there is an audience there for every business.

With organic reach diminishing it’s more important than ever to have a strategy in place. When taking on a client like this I obviously want to make the whole on-boarding process simple and comfortable.

So what do I do? Where do I start?

First thing I do before even meeting the client is do a web presence review. Take a look at their google ranking, website, any pre-existing social media channels and study the strengths and weaknesses

Second step is meeting them, I need to learn their business, voice, goals and message. I usually start this by asking three simple questions ‘Who are you? What do you do? And why do you do it? The answers to this will also make a great blog and starting point for your social media bios. I study the industry, competitors and influencers through their social media channels.

Third step, after gathering the answers to who, what and why questions I have a clearer insight into the business or brand, a great blog to introduce yourself to your new online audience, bios to uniform your business across your social media platforms and building your SEO across the board

Fourth step, with their input and messaging I start building your content. If your messaging is for example ‘we are trusted family business’ I would break that down, who’s who is the family what’s their role in the business? Maybe a bio or meet the team blog and video, what’s the history of the business? How old is it, what were its humble beginnings? Just ideas for extra content as well as us talking about the product itself.

Fifth step, I send over the content for sign off, the first month is most important to get right, have I nailed the tone they want? Is there anything you want to change or add? Once we get it perfect and signed off then, and only then will I start posting.

Sixth step. I don’t just post the content and forget about it, I’m activity maintaining it, posting any ad-hoc messaging that is required, responding from a pre-determined call to action. I‘m engaging organic methods to grow their following. Periodically, I sit down with the business and present the analytics from the previous month, going over in detail the growth, what worked? what didn’t work as well? what we need more off and then discussing what we are going to shout about next month.

Once we are in the swing of things and reach has grown, we’ll discuss the future, build paid advertising campaigns, lead generation, videos, which is very important now. Views on branded video content have increased 258% on Facebook, one third of online activity is spent watching video.

It’s always exciting bringing new clients on and learning about a new business, I’ve worked in such different industries, from marketing, car dealerships, child nurseries, mortgage advisors, will writers, engineering, cafes, jewellery, toxicology and event planning to name but a few. Keeps things fresh and each day in the job different to the last while keeping you on your toes.

Greg Armstrong


Head of Digital Marketing

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