The Jaily Show – How is RPA Helping Businesses? with Ian Barkin

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Let’s not stand on ceremony, we have a great show today. This episode features a conversation between Jay and Ian Barkin, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Sykes and the co-founder of Symphony Ventures. This is not one to miss, the conversation covers things like intelligent automation (IA), discussing robotic process automation (RPA) and how these things are affecting modern business across the globe. Jay and Ian discuss some agency war stories and we discover some interesting tips from how their approaches converge and diverge.

Whether you’ve been promoted to management recently or have been at it for ten years or longer, one thing never changes: Human nature — as in that of your employees — is often unpredictable. Knowing how to motivate each person on a team can be so frustrating and challenging. managers must acquire the knowledge of what truly inspires loyal human beings to enthusiastically perform at a high level. Watch along as Jay talks you through various techniques that can assist you, when you need to light a fire under your team.

Do you know what gets your team members out of bed in the morning? What they’re passionate about — their goals, aspirations, and interests? Great leaders show an interest in their people’s jobs and career aspirations in order to motivate them the right way.

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Great managers recognize that leadership doesn’t travel one way but is multi-directional. While it can come from the top down at critical times, the best scenario is allowing decisions, information, and delegation to travel from peer to peer or from the bottom up, where the collective wisdom and involvement of the whole team help solve real issues in real time on the frontlines. So often managers underestimate the potential and ability of their employees to use their brains! Give them the room to perform and support them with whatever they need to make them even better. Motivation plays a critical role in employee productivity, quality and speed of work. Leaders are typically held accountable to motivate their team, which is quite challenging. In fact, it is difficult for leaders to motivate their employees, because people are already motivated. The question then is not whether someone is motivated, but why they are motivated and what they are motivated to do.


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It’s been said, “Leadership is not what you do, but who you are.” This, however, is only partially true. Leadership is very much who you are, but it cannot be divorced from what you do. Who you are represents the inner person, and what you do represents the outer person. Each is dependent on the other for maximum effectiveness.


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People want meaning and purpose in their work. when people find purpose in their work, it not only improves that person’s happiness, it also boosts productivity. Managers giving their people access to customers, so they can see first-hand the human impact their work has, is the greatest human motivator.

Check out this episode!

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