Top Podcast Production Services Tips: Creating Audiograms

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03 Top Podcast Production Services Tips Creating audiograms

Audiograms are just about the biggest no brainer out there when it comes to promoting your podcast. They’re so simple to produce yet have the potential to reach a much wider audience than a photo post. That’s because they help bridge the gap between your audio content and the most effective marketing medium: video.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, an audiogram usually consists of a minute of audio from a podcast, complemented by a moving animation of the waveforms plus captions that transcribe what’s being said. They are most often shared on social media to generate some buzz around a podcast episode or series.

Here’s a great example from the GLCast, as posted to our Facebook account:

Research backs up their effectiveness. According to WNYC, the average engagement on Twitter for an audiogram is 8x higher than a tweet not containing an audiogram. Audiograms outperform photos on Facebook by 58% and links by 83%. And this is where the captions come in: they’re essential because over 85% of video posts on Facebook are consumed without audio, and 80% of users are more likely to engage with a video if it contains captions!

The beauty of audiograms is in how quick they are to make. Essentially all it involves is picking out the most compelling or intriguing section you can find in your podcast (typically no more than a minute), putting it in an application such as Headliner (or do it yourself if you’re nifty with video), and then double checking the subs to make sure the transcription is accurate.

When deciding on the minute of content, think about what’s likely to suck in a potential listener and leave them wanting more. Perhaps a funny section of an interview that promises further laughs ahead. Maybe it’s an attention grabbing moment that poses questions your audience will want answered.

Once you’ve got your clip, you just need to upload it to a programme such as HeadlinerAudiogram, and Wavve. These are the top websites for creating audiograms, and they all have free options. If you do want to work more closely on it yourself, Adobe After Effects has the best features for personalisation.

Give it a go and see how you get on!

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