Utilising Video Production to Promote Your Corporate Services

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Did you know YouTube is the world’s second biggest internet search engine? This highlights how powerful the medium of video is and why you should be thinking about creating videos to market your corporate services.

It’s a very effective way of boosting your search engine rankings and increase customer engagement. I know from personal experience how customers can be swayed by video. I’ve often gone to YouTube myself when I’m considering buying a product, and if a company has a slick video showing it in action I’m a lot more inclined to buy.

This type of rich media content really boosts customer engagement. You’ll find your customers increase the time spent on your site which in turn will convert into sales. And your website will benefit too – clever use of video will transform it into a dynamic interactive site that will attract repeat visits.

There’s numerous different forms of video that you can use to showcase your corporate services. You can show off a physical product, present enthusiastic testimony from clients, introduce people to your team, or explain how your services can be of help.

Make sure to upload regularly so that you can build a dedicated audience, and experiment with music and FX. Epidemic Sound, Shutterstock and iStockPhoto are among some of the better sound libraries out there.

These days most people can figure out how to shoot something of a decent standard, but the real challenge comes in the edit. How familiar are you with postproduction software?

I’d encourage anyone to give it a go, and there’s plenty of free software out there – although sometimes it’s worth investing in something more professional. Have a look at Animoto, Microsoft’s Photos app, or iMovie if you’re on a Mac.

However after a few goes, you might be finding it difficult to get your head around it all. That’s where GLProUK can help. Our years of experience on video can help you at any stage of the process, whether developing ideas, shooting the content, or cutting it into a highly professional final form.

We’re also here to help you make sure your video is watched by your target audience. We can advise on the best social media platforms to spread your message, and can provide analytics on the kind of response you’re getting.

If you’re promoting your corporate services on video for the first time, then best of luck – keep things relaxed and you’re sure to enjoy yourself. And if you want to give GLProUK a call to give you a helping hand, we’ll be more than happy to chat!

Simon Watson, Operations Manager, GLProUK


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